Fir Grove helps small businesses stand out online.

small business streetWe work with our Portland-area neighbors and organizations across the U.S. to improve their websites and written material. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs who’ve found that hiring a full-service agency or adding a marketing employee to the payroll doesn’t fit their needs.

Longtime freelance writer and Web guy Peter Barnes founded Fir Grove when he noticed many of his clients had trouble finding flexible digital services and affordable website maintenance tailored to small business. Over eight years as a consultant and freelancer, he provided copy writing, design and content marketing strategy to a variety of companies. Under his leadership, Fir Grove now offers these services, as well as SEO and review monitoring that help companies offload the demands of modern digital marketing.

Whatever the job, these values guide our work:

Transparency matters: We don’t surprise clients with extra charges. Our quotes are thorough. We ensure our clients have a good understanding of the work we’re doing. And if a project requires more time and expense than expected, we let them know in advance.

Trust is earned: Hiring an outside contractor always involves risk. We respect that and sincerely want to earn your trust. Our monthly service plans ensure clients won’t find themselves in a long-term contract if their needs change. Should a proposed project fall outside our skill set, we’ll turn it down and try to find someone else who can help. Above all, we’re honest about the cost, commitments and details of the services we provide.

Content comes first: Designers love to design, and we’re no exception. That said, the content you publish online should inform the visuals around it – not the other way around. We craft digital experiences first and foremost to deliver information customers need to inform their buying decisions.

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