The (not so) fine print …

Large projects:

Fir Grove offers clients detailed proposals for SEO projects and websites that include specific deliverables and deadlines. For projects that cost more than $500, we split our billing into thirds. Fir Grove will begin work on a project after receipt of a signed contract and payment for 1/3 of the project fee. We collect another 1/3 of the fee after the project reaches a milestone agreed upon in the proposal, with the remaining amount billed upon completion. If you request additional work outside the scope of the contract, we will ask you to approve a change order outlining any additional fees.

Smaller projects:

For projects $500 or less, we collect a $100 deposit up front and bill the remainder on completion. We’ll start working after receipt of a signed contract and deposit. Any work outside the scope of the contract is subject to additional charges based on our standard rate of $125 per hour.

Maintenance packages:

Our maintenance services are billed month-to-month. Services start after receipt of payment and a signed service agreement. Monthly packages are pre-paid, with additional hours or services added to the following month’s bill. If a website change or consulting engagement requires more time than the allotted half hour, we will bill for additional time at a discounted rate of $95 per hour invoiced in 15-minute intervals. (Don’t worry – we’ll get your approval in advance before adding extra charges to your bill.) To cancel service, simply contact us. We will finish any tasks you’ve paid us for and suspend billing for your package. Any extra services or work you’ve ordered will still be subject to collection after cancellation.

Review monitoring:

Our review monitoring services are pre-paid and billed month-to-month. To cancel, simply contact us, and we’ll suspend the service at the end of the last month you’ve paid for.

The price for review monitoring is limited to businesses that generate fewer than 10 reviews per day across the sites we monitor. Please call us for custom pricing if your site generates a high volume of reviews

One-off jobs:

Much like your plumber or furnace technician, we need to maintain a minimum fee for our services and bill for the time we’re on the job. Our standard hourly rate is $125. We charge for a minimum of one hour and bill in 15-minute increments after that. We’re happy to provide a quote in advance.

How we invoice:

Fir Grove sends invoices by email. To help expedite the start of new services and projects, we offer clients the option to pay their first invoice by credit card, bank transfer or check. Credit card transactions and bank transfers are conducted on a secure, third-party web site operated by QuickBooks. Subsequent invoices can be paid by check or bank transfer only.