Search Engine Optimization


Yeah. That’s not us.

search engine optimizationA recently as 2011, SEO firms earned a shady reputation for churning out low-value content and linking schemes that could trick Google’s computers into thinking websites were more useful than they actually were. For a while, that worked. Now it doesn’t.

Engineers update Google and Bing constantly to make them more relevant to users. Today, Google is believed to take about 200 factors into consideration when deciding where a given page should appear in search results. Examples include:

  • The reputation of external sites that link to a page
  • How much time visitors spend there before hitting the back button
  • Attention the page has gained on social media
  • When a page was published or updated
  • How fast the page loads
  • Whether the site is easy to read on mobile devices
  • Whether content contains related pictures or video
  • How pages are organized across a site
  • The code that displays the content
  • If an article is trying to trick a search engine with excessive keywords or hidden text
  • Duplicate text
  • Whether a business is near the person using the search engine
  • Other metrics that gauge how valuable a site is to readers.

As a result, search algorithms have become surprisingly adept at learning what humans are looking for when they enter a few words into a browser. That’s good news for the Internet, as it promotes articles and web pages people actually want to read. At the same time, it means there’s no shortcut to the first page of your customers’ search results. An effective website needs useful, high-quality content that’s structured in a way that’s easy for both people and search engines to read. Good SEO also requires links from other relevant, high-trust websites that effectively vouch for you in the eyes of Google. It takes time and investment. There’s not a one-size-fits-all strategy that works for every company.

Fir Grove helps clients meet their SEO goals by offering customized, up-to-date services that include:

  • Keyword research
  • Website audits
  • Content strategy
  • Content production
  • Link-building strategies

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