Website Maintenance Packages

Need to tweak your site? Maybe your business hours changed. Perhaps your company wants to display a new logo, needs a bug fixed or wants to set up a blog. Fir Grove gives you someone to call for website modifications and important security updates.

Our website maintenance packages make it easy to stay on top of your digital housekeeping, as well as your reputation online:

Keep it current – $85

website and WordPress updatesIncludes:
Back-end software updates: Most websites use a content management system coupled with other technologies that need to be updated from time to time. Older versions of a CMS like WordPress, as well as related themes and plugins, can make a site vulnerable to hacking when not kept up-to-date.

Full backup: We save a copy of your content and any associated databases monthly so they can be fully restored, should something go awry.

Testing: Most website updates go off without a hitch. Occasionally, though, the newer version of a CMS will conflict with an older plugin or another component of the site. We check your pages for bugs after every update. If we find a problem, we’ll fix it or roll back the update and discuss the issue with you further.

1/2 hour of Fir Grove professional time: Get in touch whenever you need changes to your site’s text, images or layout. We’re also happy to use this time answering any questions that crop up regarding SEO, social media, online listings or digital marketing in general.

Updates + Analytics $125

website analytics and updatesIncludes Everything in Keep it Current, plus …
– Detailed website traffic analytics: Keep track of page views, the time visitors spend on your site and how they found you. We’ll install Google Analytics and use it to create a monthly report highlighting the most important details about your visitors.

– Reputation report: Track what your customers are saying on forums like Yelp, Google Reviews, and Facebook. We’ll compile new reviews from five sites of your choice each month.

Need more frequent updates? Upgrade to daily checks for an additional $15 per month, or check out our standalone review monitoring service.

Traffic Builder $350

blogging and content marketingIncludes everything in Keep it Current and Updates + Analytics, plus …
Original content: We’ll craft an insightful blog post, article or company announcement relevant to your audience. This can be up to 400 words long and includes basic research. Just tell us what your customers would like to read, or we can generate story ideas for you.

Images: We’ll post a photo or embed a video in each piece of content we create. These can be stock images we provide or media from the company.

Social media promotion: Once a piece is published, we’ll help spread the word. This includes updates posted on up to five of your company’s social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+. Don’t have social media pages for your business? We’re happy to set them up using your monthly Fir Grove professional time or at our hourly rate.

Need more content? Add additional articles with images and social media promotion at a discounted rate of $215 each.

The (not so) fine print: We want your business to stick with Fir Grove because we create real value — not because you’re locked-in. Read more details about our easy cancellation and billing policies. Call us today to get started. We’ll take a quick, free look at your site. If it’s malfunctioning or hasn’t been updated for awhile, we’ll let you know and will provide a quote to fix any problems before starting a monthly plan.